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  • Access Control

    Access Control systems are mainly used to restrict access to a property or building. They determined  who is allowed to enter or exit, as well as the time and dates this is authorized. Instead of strictly keys to control access, usually proximity or magnetic cards, or keypad combinations are used.  hese are usually tracked and recorded for auditing proposes.  When the card or combination is presented to the  reader or keypad, and access is granted it will open the lock for a predetermined amount of time.  If access is refused the door remains locked and the attempt is recorded.   


  • Automatic Door Openers

    An automatic door operator is a device that opens or helps open a door automatically, waits, then closes. The door may be opened by motion sensor, a push button, key switch, or an access control system. The most common being a push button to open. 


  • Continuous Hinges

    Continuous hinges are used to replace faulty hinges.  Continuous hinges run the length of the door, panel  or box, and prevent typical door sag by distributing the weight evenly down the door. 

  • Door Closers

    A door closer is a mechanical device that closes the door after it is opened.  Some door closers allow you to adjust the strength or speed of the door closer, as well as the back check, this prevents the door from being opened or closed  too fast and causing damage to the door.


  • Exit Device

    An exit device is used to unlock a door during an emergency.  It is a spring-loaded metal bar attached horizontally to the inside of an outswinging door.  When the bar is depressed it activates the mechanism and unlatched the door, allowing the door to be opened.  These doors can also be opened from the outside, if a trim piece or key cylinder is added.  They may also be dogged open from the inside to allow access from either side.


  • Folding Gates & Window...

    Folding Gates are used to secure an area or building that may be susceptible to forced entry, or used in the place of walls to secure an open area. Folding gate will fold-up out of the way when they are not in use.  Window bars are used to secure an opening or window against forced entry. They may be permanent, or on a hinge to swing, or pull out of the way for cleaning. 


  • Intercom Systems

    An intercom is a stand-alone voice communication system for within a building or small area of  buildings. Intercoms can use connections to telephones as well as wired door and sub-stations.  Some intercoms incorporate devices to control door latches. Standard intercoms use a master station, as well as sub-stations, and door stations.


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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items